Explore ‘The Battery’ by SUP: Paddle Boarding the Hudson River

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This advanced level SUP route has been recommended by Red Paddle Co friend, Noriko Okaya who regularly paddles her 14’0 Elite paddle board on the Hudson. Noriko has a passion to go fast and is regularly competing in SUP races around the world on this board.

For a more detailed review of paddling in and around the big apple check out her article The Joy of Urban Paddling.

The Statue of Liberty is arguably the most iconic landmark of the United States, so what better way to take in her size and beauty by paddling alongside ‘Lady Liberty’ with your SUP. On your way to the Statue of Liberty, you will enjoy the breathtaking skyline of Manhattan including the Empire State, Chrysler Building, One World Trade Center, and best view of the Battery and downtown NY.

There is a security zone around the statue but a paddle to the Statue of Liberty is the definition of freedom. Paddling boarding the Hudson River offers a truly unique way of experiencing New York.



This advanced level paddle offers incredible views of the breath-taking Manhattan skyline, and an uncommon moment of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city.




Red Paddle Co Elite board

Route Directions

  1. .Find a public launch point along the Hudson River either on the Manhattan or the New Jersey side depending on how long you would like to paddle. If you choose to paddle from Pier 84 (44th St. on 12th Ave.) where Manhattan Kayak + SUP is located, the following steps are the recommended:
  2. .Cross the river to New Jersey side and paddle south. Watch out for the Circle Line and commuter ferries pulling out at Pier 83.
  3. .Keep paddling south hugging the shore of New Jersey. Be sure to watch out for boats and ferries coming in and out of various piers and marinas.
  4. .Take a break before reaching the Colgate Clock. The boat traffic will get much heavier from Pier 11 to the Battery and the current can get rough.
  5. .After passing Elis Island, you'll reach the Statue of Liberty. Be careful not to enter the restricted security zone marked by the buoys.
  6. .If you need a break, go past the Statue, turn west and go to the small beach at Liberty State Park or Liberty State Cafe.
  7. .On your return leg you can opt to make a brief stop at Governor's Island and take in the magnificent view of downtown Manhattan, you'll also get a glimpse of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Local Knowledge

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Nearest Parking

There are a number of parking lots near pier 84.

Launch Point

Launch along the Hudson River either on the Manhattan or the New Jersey side of the river depending on how long you would like to paddle.

The best options on the New Jersey side are Surf City and the food stands in Hoboken. If you are paddling on the Manhattan side the Grand Banks and Frying Pan are great options offering some incredible seafood and views on the riverside. They are all accessible from the water but open only for the warmer months.


Places to stay
There numerous options for accommodation in NYC so we'll leave this part up to you.
Places to Eat/Drink
Grand Banks
The Frying Pan

Things to know

  • The Hudson is a tidal river so check the tides when planning your trip. Wind can also pick up so check out the wind forecast before you set off.
  • Battery is very unpredictable with strong current in all different directions.
  • The Hudson is a working river with a lot of boat traffic. There will be ferries, cruise ships, private boats and yachts, jet skis and the coast guard, as well as NYPD and Fire Department boats.
  • There is a security zone around the Statue of Liberty and Elis Island. Keep an eye out for the buoys that mark the restricted zones.
  • You are also required to have a radio, PFD and a whistle on the Hudson. Don't forget your leash too.