The Fastest Inflatable Race SUP Boards

There’s only one thing our raceboard designers love more than racing and that’s winning! That’s why we’ve put all of our knowledge, experience and expertise into creating the fastest inflatable paddle boards on the planet. Packed full of unique innovations that are exclusive to Red Paddle Co, our range of raceboards will give you the competitive edge over any other inflatable race SUP on the water.

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What makes them the fastest inflatable SUPs?

Red Paddle Co were one of the first companies on the race SUP scene and over the years have developed a wealth of knowledge about how to maximise performance. From the Max Race 10’6” through to the Elite 14’0” and the revolutionary Dragon, all of our boards have race-winning pedigree. Through continual research and development, we’re continually pushing the boundaries of race performance and have developed a number of innovations that are unique to Red Paddle Co:

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Forward Flex Control

FFC is our patented innovation that stiffens the front section of the board using a compression strut. It removes flex that can be created in a race, as well as increasing overall board speed.

Rocker Stiffening System

RSS counters flex with two stiffening battens that are inserted into pockets on the sides. On elite boards these are combined with FFC to ensure a rigid ride.

MSL Fusion Construction

When racing you need a stiff and airtight board. MSL gives you the confidence to push out in front and take the lead. The process reduces the amount of glue used to build a board, saving more than 2kg in weight.

Tec Air

By adding MSL to our Tea Air manufacturing process, all of our boards are stiffer and more durable, and offer better performance. This 72-hour process involves rigorous quality-control testing.