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Όλοι αγαπούν τις σανίδες Ride. Όλη η ποιότητα, η καινοτομία και ο σχεδιασμός της Red Paddle πακεταρισμένα στην πιο ευέλικτη σανίδα μας.  Διαλέξτε το μοντέλο που σας ταιριάζει και ξεκινήστε να εξερευνάτε τον κόσμο.


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Best Inflatable SUP for All Round Fun

Our Ride collection was designed with one thing in mind – maximum fun on the water. From the 9’8” Ride, the ideal stand up paddle board for the lighter rider, through to the gigantic Ride XL which can carry up to 8 people, there’s a Ride board for everyone.

The shorter boards in the range are designed to be versatile yet, thanks to their MSL construction, extremely durable. They also benefit from RSS battens to provide unrivalled stiffness, making them fantastic for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.

The larger boards in the Ride range, the L and XL, are multi-person paddle boards designed with families and groups in mind. The Ride L can carry up to 4 riders and, thanks to its wide deck and tail, offers excellent stability. Meanwhile, the Ride XL is the ultimate multi-person inflatable paddle board, capable of carrying 8 paddlers. Whether you’re going on a group SUP adventure or using for it for a competition like the Tribal Clash paddling the Ride XL is fun, sociable and great exercise.